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Why Live Near Olympia, WA?

Gearing up for a big move to a brand new city and you aren’t sure what’s in store for you? If you’re in the process of looking for apartments near Olympia, WA, we’re here to help! Our lovely community at Britton Place Apartments—just 15 minutes outside of downtown Olympia—is the perfect spot to consider for your new home base. You can enjoy the quiet of the suburbs with easy accessibility to a city that is thriving and bursting with things to do. From spacious floor plans to bountiful amenities, you’ll feel right at home. What exactly does Olympia have to offer? There isn’t enough time in the day to discuss everything, but we sure can share with you some of the highlights that stand out.



Cheaper Costs of Living

First, you’ll find that you’re spending a whole lot less money than you would in so many other parts of the Pacific Northwest. And who doesn’t love a little extra cash in their bank accounts? When you aren’t left stressing about finances, it has a tremendous impact on your quality of life, leaving you free to enjoy all the area has to offer.



Abundance of Outdoor Fun

Take the outdoors, for example. You’d be remiss to live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and not stop to smell the roses…and myriad other fragrant plants dotting the landscape. Head to Heritage Park, a 24-acre plot of land adjacent to downtown Olympia, whether you’re looking for a relaxing park on the grass or want to stroll along its main switchback trail, which leads to some dazzling views around the historic Capitol Campus. (Oh, and don’t forget about Mount Rainier. Washington’s most famous mountain is just an hour’s drive away and is perfect for a full day of hiking!)



Blossoming Community Events

If festivals are your thing, you’re in luck: They’re abundant in Olympia. In the summer there is the Olympic Music Festival, full of classical musicians performing on stage. But for something a little more casual, there’s Music in the Park (also in the summer), at which you can enjoy a blend of tunes and the outdoors. In the winter months, Downtown for the Holidays rings in the season with a series of festivities that includes a parade, tree-lighting ceremony, and even photo ops with Santa himself.



Flourishing Arts Scene

Oh, and if you’re a patron of the arts, you’ll feel right at home in Olympia, thanks to Harlequin Productions. The local theater company is responsible for putting on more than 130 live performances every year. (Just try saying, “There’s nothing to do,” with a calendar of events like that available to you!)


When you settle into one of our apartments near Olympia, WA, you set yourself up perfectly to experience all this great city has to offer. We hope that we can introduce you to your new home at Britton Place Apartments soon. Contact us today to schedule a tour!