Apartments near Olympic National Park | Britton Place
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Apartments Near Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park


As one of Washington’s largest green spaces, Olympic National Park is one that you don’t want to miss out on. Chock full of lush flora and fauna, and myriad species of wildlife, it’s a mecca for any fan of the great outdoors. That’s why finding apartments near Olympic National Park is such a delight. And the stunning offerings at Britton Place offer the perfect juxtaposition between nature and urban development, since it’s located just an hour south of the park, adjacent to Olympia, and just 35 minutes west of bustling Tacoma.


Inside the sprawling park, you’ll never be without options. Hikers can choose between seemingly endless numbers of trails. Each is divided into three categories, depending on your flavor of the day: coastal, valleys, and mountains. Altogether, there are more than 60 official trails to choose from, giving you months of hiking without ever having to repeat—though you’re almost sure to find something new each time you do repeat a trail.


There are countless spots for anglers to break out the ol’ tackle box and cast their lines. Fishing is among the favorite pastime sports in the park, thanks to its 75 miles of coast, 600 lakes, and 4,000 miles of streams dispersed throughout. Most of the time, you must release whatever you catch, but check the Olympic National Park Fish & Shellfish Regulations for exceptions.


For those looking to take a more educational approach to park exploration, take a moment to peruse the ranger-led programs, during which an official park ranger will lead you on walks, host campfire programs, and more. In the winter months, you can even strap on a pair of snowshoes for a unique walk through Hurricane Ridge.


And of course, there’s all the wildlife to be seen. Though some are only around during certain seasons, if you look closely, you can spot deer, marmots, elk, goats, bears, and any of more than 300 species of birds. Head to the coast to explore the marine life that gets caught up in the many tide pools that regularly form. Second, Third, and Ruby Beaches are among the better spots for these pools, but there are plenty of other spots where they can be found. Look for sea anemone, starfish, and a wide assortment of other fish. But be sure to follow the cardinal rule: Leave everything as you found it. (In other words, don’t take the animals with you; and if you flip over a rock in your exploration, return it to its original position.)


There’s so much to be seen, just a short drive from our Britton Place apartments near Olympic National Park. We know you’ll absolutely love being a part of this great community. Call us to schedule a tour and find your new home today!